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If you are printing out this application for mailing or faxing, please use hand writing. We don't require this to be neat and we don't mind mistakes, so cross out any mistake by putting 1 single line through it and rewriting it.

Your Name: Today's Date
Email: Phone #:
City: State: Zip:
How did you first find out about Deer Garden Foods?

Work history:

Work skills and aptitudes:



Personal Lifestyle: (including things of interest about you as a person)

Please write an image of what we at RJF might see if we were to see you doing what you would imagine yourself doing as a RJF liaison:

If you are interested in doing work where you will be seen by potential consumers, natural food stores, distributors or other people, would you please give us a description of the types of apparel you normally wear:

LIST OF WORK - Indicate with a Y for yes, N for no, and M for maybe which jobs you would like to do.
Natural Food Store Liaison
  • Do in-store Rejuvenative Foods demonstrations
  • Inspire store personnel to hang signage and literature
  • Inspire natural food stores to do their own in-store demonstrations
Consumer Liaison
  • Sample Rejuvenative Foods to groups of people
  • Post literature in public places (i.e. yoga classes, community buildings)
  • Instigate publicity via:
    • Inspiring Rejuvenative Foods to be visible in a movie or a TV show
    • Inspiring famous people to eat Rejuvenative Foods
    • Getting TV or radio time on behalf of Rejuvenative Foods
Internet Liaison
  • Internet Marketing (coordinating marketing through the internet via emails and telephone calls)
Natural Foods Distributor Liaison
  • Face-to-face communication with the purchasing departments at our major refrigerated distributors (you would need to live close enough to the distributors to make personal visits to them)
  • Inspire store personnel to hang signage and literature
Recruiter of Rejuvenative Foods Liaison Health Crusaders
  • Recruit and or inspire other people to be Rejuvenative Foods Liaison Health Crusaders
Other (other ideas you have about work to do)

The method for getting free jars for work done is simply filling out the short and easy Record of Accomplishments form and telling us what you deserve for the work you accomplished, of course, we are happy to discuss that before or after the fact.

Rejuvenative Foods liaisons are a new idea. We are open to input from our liaisons about amendments to our systems and methods.

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