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Customer Service Policies

Rejuvenative Foods
PO Box 8464
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Ph: 800-805-7957
Fax: 888-363-8310


Our Mission
The main purpose and goal of Rejuvenative Foods is to support the dissemination of information about Raw Cultured Vegetables & Raw Nut and Seed Butters and Raw Oils and to provide the highest quality products of this type available for everyone's health benefit. You can learn more about our Raw Cultured Vegetables and Raw Nut and Seed Butters at www.rejuvenative.com.

We have created www.RawOils.com to provide information about our exciting new line of raw organic oils.

Food Allergies
Raw Oils are generally great for folks who have food sensitivities. Our Raw Oils are are organic, gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free.

Guaranteed Delicious!
Rejuvenative Foods offers a Money-Back Guarantee to everyone that our Raw Foods and Oils will help one feel better. This is in conjunction with the experiences we've had with Raw Foods helping people feel better that are totally healthy as well as experiences we've had where Raw Foods have helped people feel better when they have stomachaches, ulcers, digestive problems and health problems related to candida.

There are different healing practitioners that recommend people's consumption of Rejuvenative Foods raw, low-temperature ground nut and seed butters and oils. We simply say that we expect one to feel better after eating Rejuvenative Foods brand raw foods than someone would feel after eating another brand of foods. In conjunction with these previous ideas, we simply state that we will offer you your money back if, after using these raw oils, you don't feel that these statements are true or you don't feel better in general.

Shipping Method and Transit Times
We ship via UPS on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If an order is placed before Tuesday it will be shipped that Wednesday. If it’s placed after Tuesday it won’t be shipped until the following Monday.

Privacy Policy
We do not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute any of your contact, billing, or credit card information. Having said this, we do send out periodic e-mails, alerting our customers to news and specials. Please unsubscribe if you do not want to hear from us!