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Rejuvenative Foods

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Our Guarantee

Rejuvenative Foods offers a Money-Back Guarantee to everyone that our Raw Foods and Oils will help one feel better. This is in conjunction with the experiences we've had with Raw Foods helping people feel better that are totally healthy as well as experiences we've had where Raw Foods have helped people feel better when they have stomachaches, ulcers, digestive problems and health problems related to candida.

There are different healing practitioners that recommend people's consumption of Rejuvenative Foods raw, low-temperature ground nut and seed butters and oils. We simply say that we expect one to feel better after eating Rejuvenative Foods brand raw foods than someone would feel after eating another brand of foods. In conjunction with these previous ideas, we simply state that we will offer you your money back if, after using these raw oils, you don't feel that these statements are true or you don't feel better in general.